Art and Nature Centre Mustarinda is located at the outskirts of Paljakka Nature Reserve on top of the second highest hill in the Kainuu Region. Surrounded by valuable old forests, the hill chain of Paljakka has its own microclimate, making it one of the snowiest places in Finland. Mustarinda arranges art happenings, exhibitions and seminars. Our atelier hosts an artists residence, and we have changing art exhibitions on our premises. To learn more about our cultural activities, please see Mustarinda society.

You can access the many hiking trails of the Ukkohalla-Paljakka area directly from our yard, including  Mustarinda's nature trail which opened in the summer of 2010. In the winter, you can ski to the Ukkohalla Recreational Center along nine kilometres of well-maintained tracks. You can also enjoy the silence of nature by taking a snowshoe hike or forest-ski trip in the snow-covered primeval forest.

Mustarinda accommodates up to 18 persons in 2- to 3-person rooms. We are also well-equipped to host meetings, courses and seminars for up to 40 persons.

Our kitchen uses local produce and is able to create a variety of menus according to customer needs.

The energy we use is produced ecologically by geothermal heat and our own windmill.

Origins of the name Mustarinda 

Mustarindanpuro is a stream that originates in Ristisuo at the top of the Paljakka hill. The name Mustarinta (or spelled Mustarinda with a d as noted in old maps) is an old Baltic Finnish word meaning ‘bear’ and ‘hills of spirits’ which was used to refer to the highest hills rising as dark masses from surrounding forests. Also Koli hill (located in Lieksa) used to be known by the name Mustarinda until the mid-1800's on account of its height and because it was a place of worship for an ancient bear cult. The name is also synonymous with other places in the Paljakka area such as Karhula (’bear place’), Kontio (’bruin’) and Mörkölä (‘bogey place’).