Mustarinda - Helsinki Photography Biennial Edition:

Ecological Fallacy / Objects on Oil

The Mustarinda Association is proud to introduce the works, texts, and creators of the Helsinki Photography Biennial 2014 as a part of its publication series. The theme of the 2014 biennial is ecological questions and the adjacent relationships of cause and effect. The publication follows the structure of the biennial, introducing first Ecological Fallacy, curated by Basak Senova (with a special section co-curated by Branko Franceschi), and then Objects on Oil, put together by Mustarinda.

Ecological Fallacy 

Ecological Fallacy, Basak Senova
Nevertheless, Branko Franceschi
Disconcerting Cartographies, Tina Sherwell
From Babel to Dubai: Cities as Mankind's Struggle for
, Sinan Logie

Jawad al Malhi, Daniel G. Andújar, Yane Calovski, Ali Cherri, Tamas Dezso, Braco Dimitrijevic, Willie Doherty, Tomislav Gotovac, Marja Helander, Olof Jarlbro, Jesper Just, Barbaros Kayan, Mary McIntyre, Hana Miletic, Tuula Närhinen, Raqs Media Collective, Oliver Ressler, Socété Réaliste, Serkan Taycan

Objects on Oil

Photography in the Age of Fossil Nihilism, Antti Salminen
Mustarinda/Objects on Oil, Paavo Järvensivu & Antti Majava
Object-oriented Ontology and Archive Photographs, Paavo Järvensivu & Karoliina Lummaa
Archive Fever and Catastrophe, Sofia Lahti & Anna-Kaisa Rastenberger
Disruption Begins at Home, Martti Kalliala & Jenna Sutela
Behind the Supremarket, Antti Majava
Fossil Sense, Tere Vadén

DXXXA D, Guy Ben-Ner, Ilkka Halso, Jussi Kivi, Nestori Syrjälä


The volume (in English) can be ordered as a hard copy via info (at) (14€ + mailing).

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* Cover photo: Barbaros Kayan, from the photo series Occupy Taksim, 2013.


Mustarinda KEYNES 2013 widens the political space


Recent political attempts have led into blind alleys. Politicians seek to enhance employment while cutting down public sector jobs. They seek to reduce emissions while encouraging more consumption. They seek to shape culture to serve the economy better.

Behind these absurdities lies the current economic-political framework which is based on orthodox economic theory. It is blind both to the possibilities of direct financing of public services and to the scarcity of natural resources.

The second volume of Mustarinda presents an alternative. It puts together novel thinking that continues where Keynes left off. When politicians ask "where can we get the money for maintaining and developing the welfare society", Keynes responds.

The contributors in the volume include philosopher Teppo Eskelinen, cultural researcher Paavo Järvensivu, political economic researcher Lauri Holappa, visual artist Antti Majava and novelist Heikki Turunen. We also publish an interview of cultural theorist Mark Fisher about the recent developments in the UK and a speech by professor Craufurd Goodwin on the life of Maynard Keynes with the Bloomsbury Group artists.

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The volume (in English and in Finnish) can be ordered as a hard copy via info (at) (10€ + mailing).

* Cover photo: Laura Wesamaa: 'Log', plaster, tempera, wood


The first Mustarinda magazine opens up cultural perspectives to the environmental crisis

Humanity has set planetary ecosystems in motion. According to environmental scientists’ latest estimates, unless we change our ways of life and societal structures it is possible that Earth’s biosphere will within decades cease to support the life forms familiar to us now. The transitions do not only concern future generations: we can already detect the first consequences of climate change.

How is it possible that humankind still avoids thinking about the environmental crisis? Is it possible to accomplish a proactive cultural transformation or should we just sit and wait for technological development or a societal crisis to clear up a space for change? Could art work in a situation in which scientific arguments do no longer break status quo thinking patterns?

The first volume of the new annual Mustarinda magazine opens up cultural perspectives to the environmental crisis, in particular concerning the role of art during these times in which the relationship between humans and nature is at a crossroads. The contributors in the volume include cultural researchers Paavo Järvensivu and Karoliina Lummaa and visual artists Jussi Kivi and Antti Majava. In addition, there is a visual documentation of the Mustarinda 2012 Beauty art exhibition, including an intensive discussion with the philosopher Tere Vadén.

DOWNLOAD AS PDF: In English, In Finnish (Extract: Interview of Tere Vadén)

The first volume (in English) can be ordered as a hard copy via info (at) (10€ + mailing).

* Cover photo: Elina Tuhkanen, 'Untitled', still from video, 2012



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